Treat yourself exceptionally.

Experience uncommon hospitality at the most relaxing setting in Billings.

Lavish Spa treatments await you. Introduce your mind, body, and soul to relaxing massages, signature facials, manicure and pedicure treatments. A remarkable journey for all your senses that will leave you wondering ‘why don’t I do this more often?’

Natural Nail Care

The Rustic Nail Bar carries both Gelish and Shellac! The two best brands in the nail care world.

The Quickie


In a hurry? Need to jet? You still receive all the quality basic nail care plus your choice of polish. Under 30 minutes! GO GIRL GO! Can not Get Gel polish with this one.

Classic Cadillac


Comes with quality nail care, soothing body polish along with a nice hand and arm massage followed up with the polish of your choice.

$45 With Gel

Fruit Glaciers


Your choice of fun, funky and fruity sugar scrubs! We have Coconut Lime, Oatmeal Cookie & Cinnamon, Vanilla Butter Bean, Birthday Cupcake and Hush Baby Hush! The fun begins with quality nail care, sugar scrub of your choice followed by a soothing warm stone rub! **Sugar Scrubs Scents are for sale in the retail area**

$50 With Gel

The Montana


Perfect for tired, dry and cracked hands! We all know how Montana can greatly affect your skin and this manicure was designed specifically for this climate. This Manicure pampers the hands by providing quality nail care, followed up with exfoliation, your choice of sugar scrub and topped off with warm towels to soothe your skin.

$50 With Gel



The name says it all. You get to choose your choice of Gelish or Shellac polish. Of course we give you a classic manicure as well! Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Ride!



This Manicure has it all! Yes, you can have it all! “I Want It All” manicure starts off with Quality Nail Care, Exfoliation with a gentle Sugar Scrub, Warm Towels, Gel Polish of choice followed with a Warm Stone Rub and complete with a dip in the Paraffin wax!

$75 includes Gel

Nail Care Services


  • Full Set – $55
  • Refill – $45
  • Full Set (Pink & White) – $60
  • Refill (Pink & White) – $50

Dipping Gel

  • Full Set – $55
  • Refill – $40
  • Full Set (Pink & White) – $60
  • Refill (Pink & White) – $45

Natural Gel Nail Extension

Will not cause any damage to your nail beds with absolutely no primers, no liquids, and no acrylic powders.

  • Full Set – $50

Pedicure Services

The Rustic “Relaxation” Pedicure

This Pedicure includes all the wonderful basics. It starts with a neck warmer, trimming of the nails, shaping and cuticle grooming, calf massage with lotion and finishes up with the polish of your choice. Add on any upgrade you prefer * See below

$55 With Gel

The Rustic “Sugar Scrub” Pedicure

Bring out the best in your feet. We Start with a neck warmer for comfort, add on the basics of feet care followed with a Sugar Scrub of your choice followed with a hot towel wrap for soothing of the skin and complete with polish. Add on Hot Stones for only $5.00 **Sugar Scrubs ScentsOatmeal Cookie & Honey, Hush Baby Hush, Brown Sugar**

$60 With Gel

The Rustic “Signature Mimosa” Pedicure

This Fun & Fruity Pedicure comes with a Neck Warmer, your choice of Orange or Strawberry peels, scented or unscented lotion & calf massage along with Polish of your choice and a complimentary mimosa to top it all off!

$60 With Gel

The Rustic “Aromatherapy” Pedicure

The Aromatherapy Pedicure starts off with the basic essentials of foot care, it is then followed by your choice of Aromatherapy Scents. We exfoliate your skin with a soft scrub and follow it with a lovely dip in our paraffin wax (optional).

$55- Without Paraffin
$65- With Paraffin
$70 With Gel

The Rustic “Bun In The Oven” Pedicure

This Spa Pedicure is a real Treat for our expecting mothers! We start with basic feet care, add in Milk & Honey for those tired toes, exfoliate your skin with a gentle sugar scrub of your choice, wrap your legs with towel warmers and add on hot stones for the following finale

$65 With Gel

The Rustic “HELLO IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” Pedicure

Here at the Rustic Nail Bar we LOVE BIRTHDAYS…and we want to show you some love! This Pedicure comes with a Real Cupcake of your choice from Tea City Cupcakes! This pedicure comes with a fun Birthday Sugar Scrub, Exfoliation, nice calf massage with lotion, followed up with polish of your choice. That’s not all, you receive 10% off on all retail items on your actual birthday! YAY!

$60 With Gel

The Rustic “Big Sky” Pedicure

Say hello to the best pedicure you will ever receive. This Top Of The Line Pedicure starts with a complimentary beverage, a neck warmer followed by a soft sugar scrub of your choice, we then exfoliate your skin, wrap your legs in steamed towels along with hot stones followed by a paraffin dip to make your feet feel like they are in heaven! Truly a one of a kind experience ~

$90 With Gel


Aromatherapy- $5.00
Paraffin Wax – $10.00
Steam Towels – $5.00
Steam Towels & Hot stones- $15.00
Scrubs Scents- Oatmeal & Honey, Hush Baby Hush , Lavender

The Rustic Kids Menu (8 Years & Younger)

Manicure $15.00
Pedicure $25.00
Mani & Pedi $ 35.00


Eyebrow- $15.00
Lip- $7.00
Chin- $15.00
Full Face – $35.00
Under Arms – $20.00
Half Arms- $30.00
Full Arms- $45.00
Half Legs-$40.00
Full Legs- $55.00

Bikini- $32.00
Extended Bikini-$48.00
Brazilian- $70.00
Brazilian Retouch-$50.00

Men’s Waxing …